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Established in 2018, AMPS Traction utilizes the expertise of it's engineers with decades of specialty industrial power experience.  AMPS Traction provides organizations the ability to control the implementation of Zero emissions power.




At AMPS Traction, our cutting-edge technologies set us apart from other solutions. Our proprietary Battery Suspension System enhances durability by cushioning impacts, while our advanced Fire Suppression Systems ensure optimal safety and reliability. These innovations, among others, demonstrate our commitment to delivering superior performance and unmatched safety in locomotive design.

Product Offerings



Our diverse FRA compliant product offerings cater to various rail industry needs while offering locomotive conversions or new builds. Our lineup includes the IS4-1200, IS4-2000, and IS6-2300, each featuring cutting-edge battery technology, high tractive effort, and robust build quality.


“OmniTRAX is committed to operate safely and responsibly in the communities we serve, and AMPS Traction's innovative technology is an important addition to our fleet and an important step for our industry,” OmniTRAX CEO Dean Piacente said. 

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